What can I expect during my first appointment?


If you've never been to counseling before, it can seem a little intimidating.  It's completely normal to feel a little nervous, but GSCM will do everything possible to make your first visit comfortable.  A small amount of time is spent getting basic information from you and asking general questions.  This just helps get an idea of what's going on and how we can help you best.  Counseling is basically people sitting down to discuss problems and to come up with solutions. 


How long will I be in counseling?

The amount of time spent in counseling varies from person to person.  Some people only need a few sessions while others may require more. GSCM takes into consideration the needs of the client when determining how often the client should attend and for how long.  The bottom line is, you are in control of your own treatment.  We will work out a treatment plan that is best for you.


I've heard counseling is expensive.   Will my health insurance pay?

Most medical health insurance plans are required to pay for mental health services.   You can learn about your outpatient mental health benefits by calling  your insurance company.   Most of the time, there is a "specialist co-pay" for counseling, just like when you see a medical doctor.   Please contact GSCM to see if your insurance is currently accepted.


What is private pay?

Some people find that paying privately is better suited for them.   Private pay is handled directly between the counselor and client without the involvement of insurance companies.   Please see the "Payments/Policy" tab at the top to learn more about our private pay rates.


How much of what I tell my counselor is confidential?

Confidentiality is important and taken very seriously at GSCM.   It is important for you to feel comfortable when talking about your life and being able to trust  your counselor.   Everything you tell your counselor is confidential unless the counselor feels you may be a danger to yourself or others, or if you are aware of a child or elderly person being abused.   These are the limits to confidentiality under the law.   Your counselor will talk to  you more about confidentiality during your first session.